Allow Citizens to Protect our Clean Water

March 15, 2017

Tell the DEC to stop stalling and provide citizens with the right to protect our vital waters and not just for industry to degrade them.

DEC is allowing the public to comment on their website and attend public workshops on ONRW designation. The workshops are scheduled for Juneau on March 20th, Anchorage on the 21st, and Fairbanks on the 22nd. There is also a phone based workshop on the 23rd. You can find more information here.

Example text to use when commenting on DEC's page:

I believe DEC should make the decision to designate Outstanding National Resource Waters in Alaska. An ONRW designation process should be science-based and not political. Alaskans have a vested interest in protecting our waters and deserve to have a voice in the decision-making process. For that reason, an ONRW process should consider ecological, recreational and cultural reasons for protecting our clean water and fisheries resources. DEC should adopt a process without further delay.

Points to Highlight when talking with DEC:

  • Alaska must establish a process to designate Outstanding National Resource Waters (ONRW) in the state.
  • As the state’s water quality experts, DEC should make the decision to designate ONRWs.
  • DEC has a process to allow for waters to be degraded under a permit and has authorized many of them.  Citizens must have an opportunity to protect exceptional waters.
  • DEC has delayed adopting an ONRW process for far too long.
  • DEC’s failure to adopt an ONRW process hurts Alaskans who depend on clean water and healthy fisheries.