Arthur Larsen


Commercial power troller and subsistence fisherman
Born and raised in Wrangell and tribal council member for the Wrangell Cooperative Association
I’ve been commercial fishing since I was in diapers. I grew up on the water fishing. Clean water means a lot to my family. We have to protect our rivers and keep the water clean for future generations—our kids and their kids after them.
My dad used to get a moose all the time, every year up the river. And my grandpa and my dad would take us up there and we would get hooligan. Everybody subsists off of the Stikine River. And when you share your food and give to the elders, they smile back. So it’s very important. It’s the way of our life, it’s part of our culture. That’s what I was taught and now I’m teaching my daughter and the other young kids in Wrangell. We just have to keep our land and our water clean. That’s the priority.